Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Fairy Garden

now if only I could get them to do the weeding...

At our local garden of Eden, The Flower Bin, they have accessories for making your very own fairy garden. I have been enamoured of them for some time. Last year, my kiddos gave me some fairies and the collection has grown from there.

This is a picture of my fairy herb garden, just after planting. Three fairies lounge amongst the herb forest, which includes Italian parsley, chives, purple basil, oregano and thyme. Two squirrels (center) sit by the dry rock stream. Somehow, a rascal raccoon (front) found his way into the garden (I think my sister had something to do with "letting him in").

It will be fun to watch the forest fill in and how I love to have fresh herbs right at my fingertips.

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