Thursday, June 10, 2010

RIP Beloved Coffee Maker

I love coffee and I come from a long line of coffee drinkers. I'm pretty sure my mom and my grandparents had coffee running through their veins rather than the usual blood. My grandma had a pot going all day every day and she believed there was nothing that couldn't be cured with a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

My dad used to drink something called Postum. But finally, after living with my mom for 50++ years--and the demise of Postum in 2007--he has been won over to coffee.

When I was younger, I didn't much trust anyone who didn't drink coffee (except you Dad!) Now that I'm older, I'm more open minded. In fact, some of my best friends are tea drinkers. It's an uneasy relationship, but I've adjusted.

So, you can imagine how broken-hearted I was when my beloved coffee maker fell from the counter about a month ago. It shattered. Once I figured out that there was no way I could piece it back together, I went to buy another coffee maker. As my kids would say, "Sad face."

This time, however, I bought a French coffee press. Sure, you can get some really fancy ones, but I bought a basic Bodum for less than $20.

They must use these french press things in heaven, because the taste of the coffee is otherworldly. I also love how portable it is and it easy to use. It has become as much a part of my morning routine as my old coffee maker.

I love how deep and rich the coffee is and that little layer of coffee foam on the top. Now I have a new beloved coffee maker. It stays way back against the wall on my countertop.

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