Monday, June 28, 2010

Latin American Heritage Camp

We are back from Latin American Heritage Camp!

For the past 12 years, we have attended this wonderful weekend, designed for families who have adopted from Latin America. This year, 130 families from across the U.S. (plus a Canadian family and one family from Guatamala) arrived at Snow Mountain Ranch near Fraser, CO to participate in camp.

Workshops and activities focus on both Latin American culture and adoption issues. Everyone participates including elementary, middle and high school kiddos, as well as parents and other family members. After high school, kiddos can choose to attend as camp counselors. My whole family loves this camp and it is hard to put into words just what it means to us.

It also is lots of fun with a huge fiesta, music, dancing, picnics and hikes and loads of Latin American Food! For the past 10 camps, my good friend and fellow camper, Jan Harbert (a.k.a., the empanada queen), and I have "catered" one of the events. This year, we cooked for the VIP party, a fun gathering with cocktails and lots of appetizers. In the next few days I will be sharing with you some of the recipes we used.

Maybe I can even get the empanada queen to let go of her recipe....

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