Monday, July 26, 2010

Goddess of the Pie

from My Mom's Pies
Photo by Jodie Hayes

Last week, when I posted about blueberry pie, I said that the only way to get a delicious pie is to make one. Well, I completely forgot at the time that this is not entirely true.

Kini Christie, proprietress and "Goddess of the Pie," makes an array of delectible pies in her Boulder kitchen. She is a fourth generation pie baker who owns My Mom's Pies.

They are incredibly delicious! Flaky crusts enclose juicy fruits; not too sweet. And, no canned pie fruits here. In addition to many varieties of fruit pies, she makes creme pies. And, if you need gluten-free or sugar-free, she makes those as well. Special order pies? No problem (just take a look at the photo below!)

You can buy pies through the website, My Mom's Pies, or visit the booth at the Longmont Farmers' Market on Saturdays or the Boulder Farmers' Market on Wednesdays. They are available at many other area markets and cafes as well. Call their number at 303-65- MOMS for more information and to order by phone.

My daughter calls them mm-mm pies (because of the website name), but I just call them the goddess' pies!

This beautiful wedding pie
was made by Kini's husband, Jeff
photo by Erica Anderson

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