Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How hot was it?

Kansas weather item
from early August, 2010
graphic from KSNT Channel 27

We are just back from a visit with family in Kansas. Boy oh boy, it was so hot! (you're supposed to say: How hot was it?)

It was so hot, I saw a squirrel run down a tree, hit the sidewalk and burst into flames.

It was soooo hot, even the Gila Monsters at the zoo were carrying canteens.

It was so hot:

  • all the corn on the stalks started popping and flying through the air.

  • I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking.

  • the birds had to pick up worms with potholders.

  • farmers were feeding their hens crushed ice so they wouldn't lay hard-boiled eggs.

  • the trees were whistling for the dogs.
  • Okay, one more: It has been so hot in Kansas this summer the devil has gone back to Hades, where it is cooler.

    And that is not taking into account the heat index, which factors humidity into the equation. Brutal summer!

    I love Kansas; I was born and raised there. But, I'm afraid I've become a sissy after living in Colorado for 22 years--I just can't stand the humidity anymore. So, to all you Kansans--you are a brave, strong and mighty people to endure such a summer. My hat's off to you! (but please, you should leave your hats on to stay shaded).


    1. I live in NE Kansas and this summer was a HOT and DRY one. For 2 months we didn't get any rain and it was about 100 degrees and windy too. Awful. We watered our little trees in the windbreak, and our veggie and flower gardens every week though and saved them. I have a sister in Brighton. She can't stand the heat anymore either, big sissy. :)

    2. Hi Sufolks,

      Thanks for your comment. Funny about your sis--she sounds like a kindred spirit. Hope your little windbreak trees made it. My nephews grew up at 8500 ft above sea level and we call them the alpine boys. They are always hot. You might imagine how they handle good old Kansas heat and humidity! Talk about sissies :-)