Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lunchbox Time Again!

strawberries, snap peas, rice cakes with peanut butter, carrots with ranch dip

If the title of this post makes your groan, you can join a really, really big club. Packing a lunchbox for your kiddos' school (not to mention for yourself) can get boring FAST. In fact, just thinking about THE BIG Back-to-School Event (as it seems to have become) is enough to send chills up the spine of any parent!

Enter Laptop Lunch Boxes, bento-style lunch boxes for kids (and grown-ups). I bought one for my daughter when she was in third grade and she used it through sixth. A tray, with five perfectly-fitted containers and eating utensils, sets inside a horizontal lunch box. A reusable plastic water bottle also is included. When zipped, it looks like a little laptop.

Certainly, these lunch boxes are more expensive than what you can buy at a discount store, but they have several advantages. They can be packed so there is no waste; you don't need any plastic bags or wrappers. They are tough and designed to last a long time. The tray and containers are dishwasher safe, made of safe plastic and they are fun! They come in a variety of colors. The containers are microwave safe.

The website has a bunch of great, healthy lunch ideas. You also can subscribe to their free e-newsletter and receive more lunch ideas.

Here are a few more photos from their website, with foods I think my kiddos would actually eat:

chilled asparagus, strawberries, pasta and carrots with dip

Spring lettuce salad with dressing, cottage cheese and sesame melbas

Deviled eggs with bacon, yogurt-covered raisins and dark chocolate bits, strawberries and grapes, cukes and carrots

Cookie, half apple, almonds, grapefruit segments, turkey wrap, pretzels

In the next post or two, I have treats for you! We'll be looking at bento boxes (Japanese-style lunch boxes), more lunch ideas and some pretty amazing food art, made especially for bento.

Please note: I have not been paid to endorse this product. I only share it with you because I love it and thought you might, too!


  1. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! We're happy to have discovered your blog and will let others know about it as well. Keep up the great work!

  2. So I've been thinking about investing in one of these lunch boxes for my son and just wasn't sure. Thanks for the post, its nice to see that it really works! And I love that they offer lunch ideas, I run out of new ones so quickly!

  3. I love our laptop lunchboxes! Thanks for the new lunch ideas.

  4. Hi Linzfrentrop--doesn't it get old trying to come up with new things our kids will eat? Ugh. Christyd--glad to find a fellow fan!

    Hope both of you have smooth back-to-school weeks!