Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Staff Member

Jack Ryan
We are delighted to announce an addition to our kitchen staff here at MAK! His name is Jack Ryan, or Jack for short. We snagged him away from the Humane Society a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't be happier.

Jack is four years old and has lots of kitchen expertise. While we have taken him on as a recipe taste tester, he also has considerable skills in trash can diving, vacuuming the kitchen floor and pre-dishwasher clean-up.

"Ick, not enough salt..."

He has excellent hearing, as well. He can hear a package opening from a hundred yards.

"All the better to hear the dinner bell, my dear...."

A fine specimen; now let's see, he reminds me of someone. Who could it be?

"A right handsome lad, I am."

Oh well, I'll think of it. In the meantime, here is a photo of our entire taste tester department. Juliette, on the left, is senior taster and head of the department. She has been with us for three and a half years.

"Juliette--it's a promotion! Really!"

Rat Terriers make excellent taste testers. We are so lucky to have them both. Now, watch them work:

waiting for the final stir....

You gotta be fast, Jack! Juliette got both pieces in the bat of an eye. Don't worry, boy, you'll learn.

Thanks for joining us, Jack! We love you!

"Is there anymore of that?"

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