Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh those naughty leprechauns!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my family’s favorite holidays; after all  Dan and I both have Irish roots. When our kiddos were little, the leprechauns came every St. Paddy’s Day eve to play tricks and leave candy gold coins. One year, the leprechauns put all the chairs on top of the kitchen table. Another year, the kids found their underwear hanging from the chandelier above our table. Always, the leprechauns dyed the milk green. I remember my kids just shaking their heads and saying, "Oh, those naughty leprechauns...."

My kiddos are now 18 and 16. Last year, I was thinking the leprechaun pranks finally might be too childish, when my oldest asked nonchalantly, "So, are the leprechauns coming again this year?" And, so, they did.

I happened upon some great leprechaun tricks on pinterest and have included them in this post. Such clever people out there! And, you can search for treasure hunt ideas and for food ideas, too. (Love the glasses of Sprite with green ice cubes!) There are some great ideas for leprechaun traps, too. See my favorite at the bottom of this post! Good luck and happy leprechaun hunting!

Éirinn go Brách!

Leprechaun Tricks

A Differentiated Kindergarten

Coolest Family on the Block
Green water trick (make all the faucets dispense green water - pesky leprechauns! The secret is nothing more than a few coloring tablets secretly hidden in the screen of the faucet. The tablets are called Fizzy Tablets or True Color Tablets. You can find them on-line or occasionally at a department store.Don't use Easter egg dye tablets because they stain!)
The Muddy Princess

Happy Home Fairy

Happy Home Fairy

And, here's my favorite for a leprechaun trap! What fun this would be to make:

Recipe by Photo

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